• Chloe D

    Great product. Makes fishing fun for little ones too.

  • Drake

    GAME CHANGER! I've used scent for bass, panfish and catfish. It has doubled my chances of catching fish everytime I've used it. I have even thrown the shad scent while fishing in saltwater and had a lot of success. I'll never go fishing without a red worm liquid.

  • Kai Hulshof

    Kai Hulshof

    What an awesome product! Makes fishing with the kids that much more fun. Plus it's nice to feel like I have an advantage every time I drop a line in the water :)

  • Marc F

    Great Product! Take it every year ice fishing and it helps put me on the
    bite. A must have it in the tackle box. Also makes a great stocking
    stuffer at Christmas.

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Red Worm Liquid strongly stimulates the sense of smell and taste of aquatic species, increases fish motility and stress resistance.

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